It’s Been a While Since I Visited Your Inbox

Hello everyone,

Just giving you a update on why you haven’t been receiving my blog posts for a while.

I am getting into podcasting & I do acknowledge podcasting is not everybody’s cup of tea.

These are 3 particular podcast I am involved in.

  1. Hosting & producing a podcast for VALID
  2. Co-hosting with Zen Fong a podcast focusing on the CALD community
  3. So….. (Still being developed, basically it will focus on random people on random topics)

If you are considering having a listen, you can click on this link below, they can also be accessed via iTune & Spotify.

Get Your Assessment Done Right the First Time

Don’t we just love the word “Assessment”…… NOT!

Anyway, we need to get over it, as assessments are an integral ingredient when it comes to building or reviewing your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan.

One thing for sure is, it can’t be expected that all Allied Health professionals are on the same page when it comes to providing a report that ticks all the boxes for the NDIS.

VALID have developed a 10-step guide to assist Allied Health professionals that is a must-read before they start.

Click here to download a free version of this fantastic resource from VALID.

The picture below is another handy resource that provides a colourful snapshot of the NDIS Act Section 34 that defines “Reasonable & Necessary Supports”.