Front Row Seats

We all dread being assessed.

Assessments are not all about funding, they are also about balancing your goals and priorities whilst living with a disability.

The outcome of the assessment depends a lot on the individuals who are conducting the assessment and the information you give them.

To improve your chances for a positive outcome try my, “Race Approach” approach.

  • Research
  • Attitude
  • Creativity
  • Engagement

I do believe this approached really helped me as now, for the 1st time in my life, sit in the front of my car.

Two words from the “RACE Approach” are especially important.

Attitude – Creativity

I sincerely thank the following professionals who worked with me (without mentioning names) to achieve my goal after many years.

It was a great experience to work with individuals who are so client focused, thank you all.

Now Sitting in the Front of My New Car

Whilst sitting front row in my new car I picked up a hitchhiker on my travels, her name is Marita Cheng from 2Mar Robotics.

I am having a sneak preview of A Robotic Arm that can be controlled using your smart phone.

No, robots are not driving our cars yet, but it can wipe my bum.

Stay connected I will be doing a full review you on this amazing technology soon.

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Captains Cove & Paynesville – Holiday Destination

One day late with my post, I will use a current excuse we are hearing at the moment, “Easter”

A couple weeks ago I spent a weekend in Paynesville  Victoria with friends and really found it an easy place to negotiate looking through the “wheelchair lens”

A holiday destination where I can look at boats and water whilst sipping a coffee or a glass of RED really helps me charge my batteries (not literally)

The place we stayed is called Captains Cove.

For my requirements such as a “role in shower” it was great.

The operators of Captains Cove acknowledge their unit is not fully wheelchair accessible so I suggest if interested give them a call and find out a bit more about the layout.

Captains Cove at Paynesville a great place for total relaxation.


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Nocturnal Tonic Clonic Seizure – Technology that Can Raise the Alarm While You Are in Bed

Epilepsy seizures are usually unpredictable, so when they do occur it is hoped that the individual has a good Up-to-date Epilepsy Management Plan EMP that can be referred to.

There are some great resources available that go into great detail about what a good EMP looks like.

The Epilepsy Foundation has some great examples of EMP on there website.

One seizure known as “Nocturnal Tonic Clonic” seizure often occurs when people are in bed

I met the Australian distributor of the Epilepsy Safe Bed Under Mattress Sensor last week and was intrigued just how sensitive this alarm is considering it sits under the mattress.

It is really good to know that there are different types of technologies emerging to keep us safe even when we are asleep in bed.

For more information on this product take a look at the Epi-Assist website or contact

Epi-Assist Australia Pty Ltd

Unit 3, Lot 6, 585 Maitland Rd
Mayfield West NSW 2304 Australia

Phone 1800 684 422
Fax 02 4949 2282





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