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First big step for All Australians who can’t walk or talk etc.

It’s now out there, The Productivity Commission’s draft report on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) click here to access the report
Here are a few dot points of interest.

  • They estimate a total additional cost of around $6.3B, and are recommending a coherent national scheme where states reduce their taxes in exchange for Commonwealth funding for the scheme.
  • The preferred funding would be from consolidated revenue into a ‘National Disability Insurance Premium Fund’, rather than a tax levy.
  • Within the draft report it says that a commencement of an NDIS, phased in one region and with a focus on highest-priority groups (including early intervention) by January 2014 should be feasible.

The Productivity Commission welcomes written submissions on this draft report up until they 30th of April 2011
I remain convinced that disability and the need for support is only going to increase we need to get smarter now…. and stop being crisis driven, this is definitely a positive report that naturally needs support from others.

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