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Australian Disability Sector is finally getting it’s act together, about time, I say

Finally the disability sector in Australia gets its act together & appears to be on the same page, one might even say, they have the same agenda, now that’s a first…….

So far I’ve heard no negativity about the current campaign for the National Disability Insurance Scheme….. is a great fix for all Australians as was Medicare for us all in the health space.

Over the years I have met with many Australian politicians, and in most cases I have always come away feeling that they just don’t get it, and that’s not necessarily their fault, as the disability sector can be very fragmented.

I’m feeling pretty good at the moment as the campaign continues, this time the politicians are going to hear the same song from us all, as we knock on their door, we do need a National Disability Insurance Scheme.

To get sense on support this campaign has check out the Every Australian Counts website


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