New Look, Autism Victoria – AMAZE…………

I don’t have a problem when organisations change their stripes, especially during these current times when disability service providers need to focus on marketing to survive.

For those of us who have choices as to where we spend our funding the look and feel of organisations is important.

I was wrapped the day they buried the name Crippled Children Association now known as Novita Children’s Services (South Australia) Autism Victoria have recently changed their trading name to “Amaze”, my first reaction was… luke warm.

After reading about the planning and research that went into this change I am now convinced it was a good move, and it is growing on me. AMAZE has of course two meanings.

  1. Life is a maze for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD
  2. People with ASD continually amaze

For me the name and logo gives a feeling of optimism within an area that can be extremely confusing and complex for individuals and families working with ASDWhat complements this new look is a fresh easy to navigate informative website

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