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WWW.MULTIME.COM – I Will Shout Anyone a Tatts Ticket If They Can Show Me a Better Planning Tool

I mean it, show me a better on line experience that embraces all aspects of accessibility, with real focus on people with intellectual disabilities understanding what’s going on.

A person lifestyle plan no longer has to sit in a folder it can now easily be changed as our lives do.

It’s great also to know that Scope Victoria are currently trying this fantastic on-line resource.

Thanks Charlie for giving me the following information.

John Mck

Charlie Levinson, Director at Multi Me Ltd. said

“ We are very excited to launch and have a lot of high hopes for its application for people who need support in their homes and in social care, health and education sectors worldwide.”

It is based on the idea of people telling their story through the use of multimedia and getting involved in each others’ project planning, in a safe and supportive online environment.

Multi Me embraces the idea of using the Internet and technology as a support mechanism to help people to communicate through the use of multimedia, as well as plan and structure their lives with the help of others.

Multi Me is also about helping agencies work more effectively together, engaging and building their communities and becoming more focused in person-centred approaches.

Multi Me the product is a concept originating from best-practice examples of Person Centred Planning(PCP), Circles of Support models and Multimedia Profiling (MMP) approaches for people with learning difficulties. 

For users with cognitive disabilities Multi Me is easy-to-use and accessible. Multi Me has strived to not only conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, but to knock them out of the park!

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