Tailored Mobile Phones for People with an Intellectual Disability

It’s time we stop thinking, “A mobile phone is too complicated for them”

Jeenee is a not-for-profit  telecommunication specialist that provide tailored solutions for people who have cognitive disabilities and could really benefit from having a mobile phone.

In the past the common concern has been how quickly mobile phone bills can escalate, that goes for everyone!

This is known as “Bill Shock”

Jeenee have put in place strategies so that the mobile phone user and perhaps their case manager can receive alerts when a mobile bill starts to escalate.

Jeenee also offers software that simplifies the usability of the mobile device.

I have only touched on a couple of solutions they can do but at the end of the day they can design a cost-effective solution for individuals

so that they can stay safe and connected whilst in the community.

We need to get over this fear that technology is not for everybody, the reality is we underestimate its value.

What’s really exciting is that  they are setting up a 24/7 call centre that will be available to support people with disabilities.


6 thoughts on “Tailored Mobile Phones for People with an Intellectual Disability

  1. John Snapp

    My sister can’t read or write! I’ve thought and thought what she needs! She needs a cell phone that flips open and is ready. Then a picture of the the person she wants to call. She touches the picture and the phone calls that person. When she is done she closes the phone and it ends the call. Is this even possible? If it is I would really like to get one. Thank you

  2. Wanda Bersing

    My name is Wanda Bersing . My boyfriend Geoffrey Baron suffered a stroke May 27th 2017. He is paralyzed on his left side as a result. Prior to this he functioned and operated his phone with ease. He is now in a facility where his physical,speech,and occupational therapy have been shut off. I am trying to get him home through a program but in the mean time he has no one helping him with daily tasks. He has locked up two phones so far not sure how. I’ve noticed his difficulty in swiping to get to home page and difficulty in seeing key pad. I can see the screen on ad and it looks like something he could easily use. Please send me more info on product. Thank you.

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