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Wheel Chair to Wheel Chair, with Tim Ferguson

Humour & Disability, an interesting mix.

It was great chatting with Tim Ferguson on a range of things, like humour, attitudes, employment & NDIS.

He’s a funny guy of course, a well-known comedian.

Tim was diagnosed with MS at the age of 19 & has an interesting take on Disability.

By chance, after meeting with Tim, I had the opportunity to have a quick chat with Todd Sampson, if you don’t know him, where have you been?

John McKenna & Tim Ferguson chatting about Comedy, Disability, Peoples Attitude & NDIS

Uploaded by Guess What I’ve Discovered on 2017-09-23.

Todd Sampson chatting with John McKenna

Uploaded by Guess What I’ve Discovered on 2017-09-23.


  1. Victoria San Gil Victoria San Gil

    Great conversation with Tim Ferguson. Enjoyed hearing both of you discussing the future and the breaking down of myths about people with abilities.

  2. Inspiring and insightful as always John Mckenna – a great interview / discussion…hopefully one of many more to come…thank you!

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