Technology Expo”s Coming up & My Search for a car…

Gadgets that provide solutions, is a great passion of mine.

There are a couple of Disability/Aged Care Explode events coming up that I thought I would give a quick plug about.

  1. Melbourne CAREX -2nd & 3rd of April-Caulfield Victoria
  2. Assistive Technology Suppliers Association Inc 14th & 15th of May Melbourne Showgrounds

These events are no longer just for Occupational Therapists and people who are working in the aged care area.

VALID ran an extremely successful “Service provider Expo ” In February this year as part of their Having a Say Conference Annual conference in Geelong.

For those of us who are self purchasing services for our disability requirements these Expos are extremely valuable.

Don’t forget when you are liaising with the suppliers ask if they are registered with the National Disability Insurance Agency as a supplier?

On a different note, I’m on the look out for a car for myself.

My 12-year-old van is not sounding real healthy at the moment and I have been advised to replace it ASAP.

I am looking for a pre-loved vehicle where I can sit in the front row next to the driver.

Naturally I have  been liaising with the major car modification businesses with no success as yet.

With winter coming and no luck so far with any leads, I thought I would use my “Blogger Rights” in anticipation that you may be able to spread the word.McKenna car picTo get the word out there


Got what it takes to be a carer?

Don’t guess, do the Carecareers Quiz

Carecarers is a great website that gives an interesting insight into the carers profession

They have a simple “click and choose quiz” that helps with your thoughts when deciding if the carer is something you can do?

Or want to do? Or can I suggest, should you still be doing it?

This one-stop resource covers topics such as

• Who does the sector suit?

• Sharing of stories

• FAQ’s

• Getting Started

• Care Advice

• Search Jobs

• Information about certain types of jobs

It is a national site, and I think it’s great


Telethon Institute Gets “Autism Spectrum Disorders” Researchers on the Same Page

When we unite things happen faster, normally resulting in positive outcomes.

Autism is really becoming one of those topics that we are starting the hear during a “barbecue chat” which I think is great.

So in the spirit of working together I am encouraged to see that the Government is investing $31 million into an initiative they call “A Better Start Through Better Diagnosis” program.

The Telethon Institute for Child Health Research will play a key role in a ground breaking, multi-million dollar Autism research centre announced by Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

The Cooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism Spectrum Disorders will bring together the most respected Autism researchers and scientists from across Australia, including a Telethon Institute team led by the Head of Autism research, Dr Andrew Whitehouse.

Dr Whitehouse has described the commitment to establishing the new national research centre as a game-changer in the ongoing fight to better understand the causes of autism and offer new hope to the families impacted by it.

“For the first time researchers across Australia will have a central point and focus for our work in autism research,” said Dr Whitehouse.

“This new centre is a massive step forward in developing national approaches to discovery, treatments and the development of support programs.”

An estimated 20-strong Telethon Institute team will work to develop a revolutionary new program aimed at offering earlier and more accurate diagnosis of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

“The ‘A Better Start Through Better Diagnosis’ program recognises the importance of early awareness and intervention in Autism. It will play a key role in helping us guide children and families to the best health, education and community support programs available for their needs,” said Dr Whitehouse.

The Telethon Institute for Child Health Research team will begin work immediately on the new program in July this year.

The Prime Minister announced $31 million towards the Cooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism Spectrum Disorders as part of a $70 million spend on medical research.e Fed