It’s All in the Ingredients

You’ve got your disability support funding,

Your list of goals that you want to achieve, so go for it……….

Na, it’s not that simple of course

This is where a good facilitator is worth their weight in gold.

Recently I was invited to participate in a Victorian Statewide Community of Practice Forum.

There was over 80 facilitators from the Department of Human Services and Disability Service Providers attending this event.

It was extremely encouraging to listen to a group of professionals who are willing to share resources and challenges with each other.

I came away from this forum with a greater understanding of what goes into a “Facilitator Role”

Facilitator Role

Carers, Support Workers, whatever… Play a role in achieving your goal

In the spirit of “Self Directing Your Funding” it is encouraging to observe how individuals and families are now seeing the benefits and are  keen to explore who is offering what.

Disability support workers play a huge role in achieving a persons goals, so it’s all about getting the right support worker and ideally keeping them.

Carer Solutions Australia CSA have been operating in Melbourne for approximately 2 years and there in the business of doing the administration side of things when it comes to employing support workers.

Jane Morrell and Colin Peterson are the people behind CSA, &  not just me but others are saying  they are good listeners and try hard to tailor a solution to suit your needs

Jane in particular volunteers her time to support the VALID Peer Support to Buy Support networks that operating throughout Victoria.

As we all explore and share information with each other about finding the right supports I must congratulate Carer Solutions Australia on having a website that is simple and easy to understand.

Carer Solutions Australia

Directly Employ your Carer, Now an Option in Victoria

Department of Human Services Victoria announced yesterday the state-wide implementation of the option to direct employ carers.

The Department has defined direct employment to be:

Where a person has an Individual Support Package that is administered through direct payments and they and/or their nominated person(s) will directly employ support worker(s) using some or all of their funding.

As a direct employer, direct payments users have the choice of who to employ as support workers and how they provide support.

This means that the direct payments user will be responsible for all of the legal, financial and human resource management obligations that come with being an employer.

Responsibilities include:

  • advertising, interviewing and selecting the right person to support you
  • negotiating salary and hours of work directly with each support worker consistent with the relevant industrial award
  • training workers so that they know how to safely provide support
  • paying for insurance including public liability and personal accident insurance and WorkCover
  • paying workers the correct amount, regularly and on time
  • handling any concerns with performance/behaviour directly with workers.
For more details check out the Department’s “Direct Employment Webpage”

I envisage that the Peer Support to Buy Support groups that are currently being created (as part of the work I do with VALID) will  assist people in getting together and sharing experiences throughout Victoria.

Peer Support to Buy Support groups are currently being established in the following areas, I will keep you informed as they develop.

  • Melbourne CBD
  • Melbourne Southern
  • Bendigo
  • Ballarat
  • Geelong
  • Traralgon
  • Wangaratta 
Job Interview

Job Interview