Getting It Right With, Your Funding Package

Lot’s of information sharing going on at the moment around how to spend money.

To be quite serious about it, people with disabilities and their families are still quite unsure about…

The how, what’s & where’s when it comes to using government funding packages which are designed to assist you achieve your personal goals that have been agreed on between yourself and the government.

In Victoria, we call this funding individual support packages or ISPs

My role with VALID along with my colleague Dariane McLean who is a parent of a person with a disability run information workshops that give real-life examples on how to get the best out of an ISP

We are continually hearing from people after they have attended the workshops that they have a better handle on

  1. Understanding if they had a funding package?
  2. Making sure that person’s plan has strategies that are focused on achieving goals?
  3. Finding & communicating with appropriate service providers that respect your goals?

It comes down to talking to the right people who are willing to share their experiences, the good and bad, isn’t that how we learn?

These information workshops listed below are happening in Victoria however can also be delivered over the Internet if you are unable to attend in person




Do Victorian Metro, Rural & Deaf Access Workers Earn Their Keep?

Self-direct your funding,,,,, become a shopper,,,,,, all sounds fantastic, but where does one start?

The Victoria Government Individual Support Package ISP guidelines have a strong emphasis on accessing the community.

“Easier said than done” …..I continually hear from many people.

Metro, Rural, and Deaf Access workers are particular roles funded by the Department of Human Services Victoria DHS

What’s great is these people are not sitting in DHS offices.

They are all based at local Council offices.

The question is, do they earn their money? If not?

It’s probably our fault as citizens of Victoria who either are not aware or underestimate the opportunities, connections that these people can offer.

I have met many of them over the years and have always come away thinking, “they have so much energy and willingness to help”

Reference group’s and events are all good, but I would like to hear more situations where we as “individual shoppers” are using this untapped resource to get what we want, not just what’s available?

This of course requires creative thinking from everyone.

The people in these roles & DHS have developed heaps of  great collateral and advertising material promoting their services.

A recent example is a great DVD that the Southern Metropolitan Region have put out, definitely worth looking at.

On My 2012 Radar

Whilst up with the birds & walking the dogs before the heat set in this morning, I was thinking about themes and topics that I might cover this year.

This is my hit list so far

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme, as it is being built
  • Innovative ways to make peoples disability support funding stretch further
  • Using Human Rights as a tool to get your message out there
  • Accommodation Institution, are they quietly, slowly being redeveloped under a different name “Cluster Housing”
  • Mobile phone applications for people with Autism and Aspergers
  • Reviewing service providers that really get it when we talk about, “Individualised Choice”
  • How we work with people who have behaviors of concern?
  • The value of “Peer Support” from people with disabilities
  • Relinquishment of children with disabilities
  • The pros and cons of directly employing your support workers
  • Facilitated Communication
  • Fashionable clothing specifically designed for people who only sit
  • Will direct employment of carers extinguish a volunteer passion?

Thanks all of you who continually take the time to give me feedback, I guess this is what keeps me going.

Also would like to again acknowledge Simon Kneebone and his support with the illustrations.

You are great Simon, thank you