It’s Been a While Since I Visited Your Inbox

Hello everyone,

Just giving you a update on why you haven’t been receiving my blog posts for a while.

I am getting into podcasting & I do acknowledge podcasting is not everybody’s cup of tea.

These are 3 particular podcast I am involved in.

  1. Hosting & producing a podcast for VALID
  2. Co-hosting with Zen Fong a podcast focusing on the CALD community
  3. So….. (Still being developed, basically it will focus on random people on random topics)

If you are considering having a listen, you can click on this link below, they can also be accessed via iTune & Spotify.

Institutional Living & Needing Carers

Set aside 20 minutes to watch this.

It’s an interesting insight from Dick Weinman from Oregon, USA, who shares his journey about moving into an ALF (Assisted Living Facility) which we call “a nursing home”.

Upon my reflection, I’m not seeing or hearing things in Australia that contradict the views of this wise man.

Google Home, a New Disability Support

It’s the small things in life that can make a big difference.

Google Home is a non-screen, voice responsive piece of technology which is helping me a lot.

It sits on my bedside table and I talk to it.

“Ok Google, what’s the weather tomorrow?”

“Ok Google, what’s happening in the news today?”

“Ok Google, remind me to take my medication in 2 hours”

“Ok Google, turn the light on (requires a special light globe)”

It does many other things, but for me I like keeping it simple as my video will show you.

In the interest of simplicity and being user friendly, the Google Home has given me another level of independence without being in front of a computer or a mobile phone.