“Choice & Control”, not just a NDIS slogan

The movie “Me before You” I enjoyed it.

At the end of the day it was a humorous love story where a guy who had quadriplegia and his carer fell in love.

It made me laugh and cry, that’s why I go to the movies.

Being born with a disability, I would often look at others who had acquired their’s & think to myself, they need to toughen up & stop being so bitter towards themselves and others.

I remember telling “Superman” (Christopher Reeves) how disappointed I was with him after his presentation at the Fox Studios in Sydney when he told everybody

“He would rather be dead than remain in a wheelchair on a ventilator”

“Me before You” is being criticised big time on Facebook as a “Pity Party” sending out negative perceptions of people with disabilities.

In reality, everybody handles their own disability in their own way.

There are the elite go-getters and at the other end you have those who struggle every day.

We need more “Disruptive” movies like “Me before You” that challenges peoples’ perception about disability.

I support “Choice and Control” when it comes living or not with your disability.


To Stella from Macca

It’s been a tough week Stel, for me and many others.

I am presuming you have found Wi-Fi access where ever you are, and will get this note.

Have to keep it short, it’s bloody hard using my dictation software to do this blog when my voice keeps “cracking up”

Now my eyes I getting a bit watery which doesn’t help.

The time we spent together privately and professionally in front of a camera was great and these memories will stay with me forever.

We all have different ways that we survive on this earth with our disability, as you know we share a couple of similar ones, a glass of red and a joke.

There is no doubt the impact you have made on the world of disability has made life easier for many of us.

You are going to be missed, big time, but you will never be forgotten.

See you next time


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Got what it takes to be a carer?

Don’t guess, do the Carecareers Quiz

Carecarers is a great website that gives an interesting insight into the carers profession

They have a simple “click and choose quiz” that helps with your thoughts when deciding if the carer is something you can do?

Or want to do? Or can I suggest, should you still be doing it?

This one-stop resource covers topics such as

• Who does the sector suit?

• Sharing of stories

• FAQ’s

• Getting Started

• Care Advice

• Search Jobs

• Information about certain types of jobs

It is a national site, and I think it’s great