It’s Been a While Since I Visited Your Inbox

Hello everyone,

Just giving you a update on why you haven’t been receiving my blog posts for a while.

I am getting into podcasting & I do acknowledge podcasting is not everybody’s cup of tea.

These are 3 particular podcast I am involved in.

  1. Hosting & producing a podcast for VALID
  2. Co-hosting with Zen Fong a podcast focusing on the CALD community
  3. So….. (Still being developed, basically it will focus on random people on random topics)

If you are considering having a listen, you can click on this link below, they can also be accessed via iTune & Spotify.

Be Smart When You Recruit

As the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) grows, it’s great that people with disabilities continue to be involved in the recruitment process such as I have since day 1.

This is a happy snap of some of the people I worked with last week as the NDIA recruits more planners.

The video link under the picture is not related to the NDIA, but it does confirm the importance of people with disabilities being involved in all aspects of employment.

Seeing the Beauty in “Imperfection”

I love the moments when societies deficit language is challenged, often heard when describing disability.

It was an absolute blast spending some time with Rachel Callander who is an author/photographer & has featured photographs of children with chromosomal and genetic conditions.

Not only does her book “Super Power Baby Project” have a collection of exquisite photographs, but they are also complemented with powerful messages.