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‘So…’ Podcast

What’s this podcast about?

So… is a podcast that’s about…

Conversations with everyday people. Social workers and CEOs. Activists and politicians. Artists and accountants. Everyone with a story to tell.

Diversity. Learning more about who’s in our community, what they do, and why they do it.

Asking unique questions. Questions that are non-judgmental but probing. Getting to the heart of the matter.

Focusing on individuals. Giving them a platform to pitch their initiatives for helping people, their organisation, or even the planet.

Not being afraid. Allowing people to tell their story without reservation. Embracing controversial topics from all sides of the equation.

Having a laugh and a good time. It’s a serious podcast with a sense of humour about itself. We deal with heavy topics with a light hearted nature.

The Unsung Heroes. People who toil away for the good of so many people without getting a guernsey. A platform for a little slice of fame and gratitude.

Everything and everything. There’s no “off limits” topic on this podcast. Whatever our guests bring to the podcast is what we talk about.

So… is the type of conversational, informational podcast in the vein of The Joe Rogan Experience, Marc Maron’s WTF, and Rob Heeney’s People With Stories.

So… Who’s the host?

So… is hosted by empowerment advocate, blogger, and podcaster John McKenna. John has worked for over 30 years to empower people who experience challenges in their daily lives and the society. He’s a regular blogger on his own website,, and co-produced/hosted No Limits on Channel 31 community television. He’s also been a podcast host and guest on numerous other shows.

So… How do I get involved?

The So… podcast invites individuals, organisations, government & businesses. We’re interested in spreading the word about products and services, new initiatives, and other stories. To get on board, contact John McKenna on 0419 877 712.

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Episode: Little Bird That’s Fallen From The Nest

Mum, Dad & I talk about their journey as parents of a child with a severe physical disability, which is me 🙂 – 1962

Episode: Inclusive Meaningful Volunteering, goes beyond stuffing envelopes

Camellia Sayed from Volunteering Victoria along with Marnie Higgs talks with me about the Victoria ALIVE project which aims to improve disability Inclusion in the volunteering community sector.We also cover the broader topics about the pros and cons for services & people with disabilities when considering volunteering. For more details, go to and

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