The Disability Maze

Take this before you tackle the Disability Maze

Take this before you tackle the Disability Maze

One comment on “The Disability Maze
  1. Ken says:

    Hi John,

    I like the maze, but the person entering should have a good sized pack of fish and chips (sustenance – they will need it), and experience tells me that there should be a very large flock of seagulls in the air above – with enough swooping to cause serious misdirection in pathway choices.

    The gulls will be screeching in voices so close to human speech you would swear they were intelligible – so much so that those within the maze will be constantly staining to make sense of the screeching – feeling that if they could only make sense opf what they were hearing, then they would be saved from some (difficult to define) serious ongoing misdemeanor.

    Even a shotgun will have no impact on the hungry flock, as they are capable of consuming everything thrown in their direction.


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