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John McKenna

Being by the water is being in the moment

John McKenna (he/him) – Empowerment Advocate and an Idea’s person …

I love hearing people’s stories. I’ve worked as a empowerment advocate for over 30 years, working with people from all sectors of the community & their families in my hometown of Melbourne, Australia (time zone GMT +10).

Ready for action

I worked with Australia’s major telecommunications provider in the area of accessibility to create communications solutions for seniors & people with disabilities. I was also an advisor during the establishment of Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme, one of the most ambitious social policy reforms for people with disabilities and their families.

During my 60 years of living experience, I have learnt from my own experiences and listened to others on a variety of ways to be empowered. Professionally, I continually share these learning experiences with people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

My knowledge of resilience and awareness continually enables me to mentor and empower others.

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