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P.O Box 540
Glen Huntly 3163
Victoria Australia

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  1. Hi John

    Good to see your new site John, and, looking forward to seeing the way it comes together!


  2. Geoff Donovan Geoff Donovan

    Fantastic site John. I share your committment and passion to ensure “every Australian counts”. Keep up your great work, your contribution to the sector is so worthwhile. I look forward to the Tuesday bullitens! Regards, Geoff

  3. Gail Gail

    Well done John (Macca) thanks for inviting me into this space. It’s great to hear views and commentary on recent initiatives and issues that we ALL should care about. Keep up the great work! Best wishes, Gail

  4. Jennifer Hallinan Jennifer Hallinan

    Hi John. It was a pleasure meeting you at Carex today. I am from Smart Seating and you spoke with Andy at some length about our Revolution Chair. We will have a sample sent to you shortly and as per your e-mail, we hope it improves the lives of those living with a disability. You’re doing fantastic work and keep it up!

  5. Milly Parker Milly Parker

    Hey Macka
    Good to see you today!!
    Just signed up told you I would!!
    Lets make sure we get together soon.
    Take care mate

  6. Jennifer Hallinan Jennifer Hallinan

    Hi John
    We just saw you write up on the Revolution chair. Thanks! Your description really speaks to those who would need such a product.
    We are currently updating our website and were hoping to use part of your write up. Do we have your permission to do so? Regards

    • John John

      No problems whatsoever Jenny, thanks are making the time to comment.

  7. Hi John
    Great blog! I hope you don’t mind if I link you to my site under Blogs we Like…

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