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So…Podcast Showcases Some Episodes with Auslan

So…Podcast and Intentional Auslan Knowledge are proud to announce an exciting new initiative for the world of podcasting.

Together they have added an additional way podcasts can be more accessible for people who are Deaf. 

They acknowledge the value of podcasts using qualified interpreters, transcripts and captions, and have decided to take things to the next level with Deaf people to be in front of and behind the camera.

Working alongside Auslan interpreters and language consultants, Deaf on-screen presenters and video producers have converted many So…Podcast episodes into Auslan videos for the Australian Deaf community. 

This strategy utilises the value of people who have a lived experience using Auslan as their main language to create information with the visual richness preferred by thousands of sign language using Australians.

Podcast producers throughout Australia are encouraged to engage Deaf audiences with content previously considered to be out of reach to Auslan users.  The future of podcasting is a bright and inclusive one which allows people from all languages to explore and enjoy the experiences of podcasts.

For more information go to Intentional Auslan Knowledge

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