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John Della Bosca welcomes the sea of red T-shirts in Geelong

Participants at the Geelong rallyIt was great to be a part of an event that achieved its objective, which was to increase awareness about the need for National Disability Insurance Scheme. The rally coincided with another hugely successful event which was the “Having a Say Conference” hosted by VALID. Approximately 600 people attended the rally and from the top of the grassy knoll it was a great site, looking over of so many people wearing red T-shirts as a sign of support.

One thing that really stuck in my mind was a point that John Della Bosca (NDIS Campaign Director) mentioned in his presentation which was we must avoid complacency on this issue and the need to prepare to fight long and hard for what our nation needs.
You can read more about the rally at Every Australian Counts.

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