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Victorian disability funding under review, but don’t panic……

Flexibility support funding is changing lives for people with disabilities in Victoria

The Victorian Auditor General’s Office are seeking feedback from families and individuals who are receiving Department of Human Services Victoria funding known as Individual Support Packages ISP.

The message was loud and clear from people who attended.

No way would they go back to the old way when disability support agencies were funded directly from DHS, and there was no consultation with individuals who used their service.

Families and individuals have really embraced “Individual Support Packages” simply because it gives the control back to individuals in tailoring supports that are needed.

During the forum some people reflected how tough things were before this funding option was available and spoke openly about family breakdown and how suicide unfortunately also was considered

ISP’s are not necessarily for everyone however it is working for some, and definitely worth exploring.

As an ISP recipient myself I can say it’s great having the flexibility that enables me to purchase  supports that link to the goals within my personal plan.

One of my goals is

To become more independent whilst living in my own home and less dependent on carers.

One of the strategies I put in place to achieve this goal was to have my dog (Jimmy) trained by a professional dog trainer to pick up things like my remote control or telephone, this meant I didn’t have to call a carer in this circumstances. The dog trainers fee came out of my ISP.

If you have or are considering an ISP let me share some tips that may assist.

  • Communicate and learn from other families and individuals that are doing it
  • When liaising with professional facilitators and case managers don’t be afraid to get a second opinion, if things don’t sound right to you.
  • When updating or developing the personal plan that is linked to the funding, remember that the wording of your personal goals is important so don’t hesitate to get advice from others such as an Advocates who has experience in this area.

For more information

Victorian Auditors General Office (the ISP report will be available in September 2011)

Individual Support Packages


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  1. The funding is so necessary, hope it stays active.

    • John John

      Thank you Irene for adding your comment, yes appropriate funding is crucial.

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