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What’s Going on?….can an Advocacy Organisations Help?

Right now working in the Australian disability sector a day won’t pass without hearing or seeing the following words.

If you are an individuals with a disabilities or a family member, you are possibly feeling a little unsure, simply because you don’t know enough?

Let me reassure you, there are no experts out there at the moment who can give you the total picture.

For those of you who would like however to be in a better position to understand what’s going on, why not contact an Independent Disability Advocacy Organisation?

Advocacy Organisation do come in many shapes and sizes, so can I suggest as a starting point when choosing one,  ask them to send you  a copy  their Annual Report, great way to get a sense of how they operate.

When it comes to looking for a disability Advocacy organisation I suggest you call upon our good friend friend Mr Google,………. when searching it’s a good idea to include the location, for example “Victorian Disability Advocacy”

As a Victorian I will give two examples of Disability Advocacy Organisations that I am very proud to be involved with.

• Association for Children with Disabilities


I have seen first hand these organisations empower people so that they can capitalise on the opportunity when being offered choices and strategies to achieve their personal goals by service organisations.

When time permits, close down your email inbox, get yourself a cuppa and take some time t check out their websites, they have great resources.


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