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Money Talks, Breaking Free from the “Welfare Model”

Get a great life with Self-directed funding approach in Victoria Australia.

The old funding model often referred to as the “welfare model” was when disability service providers received $$$ from the Government and then delivered services to individuals with disabilities.

In July 2008 the Victoria Government funded over $5 million as individual support packages ISP.

picture of a calculator

Funding such as “HomeFirst, Support and Choice, My Future My Choice” are no one has Individual Support Packages ISP’s

As one of 10 people who pioneered the “Direct Payments ISPs pilot” that commenced six years ago, let me tell you this, it is fantastic

Once you have been allocated an ISP it is not necessarily an easy thing to ride at first, presuming that’s a bit like riding a bike??? and it’s not for everyone.

However, if it’s going to work for? ……there are two crucial key elements you need to remember.

  1. When reviewing or setting up the goals in your funding plan, seek advice from other people that have an ISP or an independent advocate
  2. If using a facilitator to assist in setting up your ISP be vigilant about reminding them “it’s all about achieving the goals within your plan”

Based on feedback whilst working with VALID on a range of systemic and individual ISP issues, I’ve put together the…………

“Top TEN ISP Issues”

There are no experts, so get second a opinion and talk with other ISP recipient’s.

Do you or do not have an ISP? If yes, how much is it per year?

What funding administration arrangement do you currently have?

  • Direct Payments – Financial Intermediary – A Disability Service Provider

Take the time to read Department of Human Services (DHS) Victoria – Individual Support Package Guidelines, they are not all that boring & you need to know the can do’s and can’t do’s

Choosing a facilitator to assist you with planning – from DHS, a Service Provider or may be a private consultant.

A good facilitator can be can be a great, but a not so good can be,… say no more…???

What you can do with your ISP links directly with the goals in your funding plan.

When developing or reviewing your plan, seek advice from others & make sure the goals are not too specific

ISP user groups are being developed to share insights with others, great resource.

Advocacy organisations can be a great resource.

There are no experts, so get a second opinion, and talk with other ISP recipient’s.

(Did you notice the double up with in the Top Ten?)

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  1. I was looking into this and found out to my horror that you cannot use self-directed funding to bypass an agency and employ your own personal care workers. This seems ridiculous to me, as hiring your own workers would be the major benefit of self-directed funding in the first place.

    Do you know anything about this, John?

    • John John

      Hi Carl, The Department of Human Services Victoria are currently running a trial on “Direct Employment” as a participant in the trial I will keep you informed. No news on a roll out across the state at this stage.

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