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Feel Safe In Your Bed?…… Some People Don’t

Bedtime, lights off, now go to sleep.

For some people with intellectual disabilities it goes like this…..

Bedtime, lights off, now stay awake and hope that “carer” doesn’t  touch you during the night.

Yes this does happen, many people don’t feel safe in their home.

Tell Someone is a fantastic online resource that uses short and easy to understand video clips about what to do if you or someone you know might be experience violence in the home.

Violence is not just hitting someone or yelling at them, there are other types of violence which are explained in this great website.

I congratulate all those involved in developing this much-needed resource whilst tackling a topic that’s not many people are brave enough to talk about.

Must also put in a quick plug for Grit Media, you guys did a great job with this

The video clip below is just one example I selected from the Tell Someone site.

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  1. Eilis Eilis

    These videos are really well done. Thanks for drawing our attention to them, John.

  2. Chris Scott Chris Scott

    Great resource – thanks. We should put an article in the newsletter on it. Thx. Chris Scott

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