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Behaviour Support Plans………. Soon Going Online

A Behaviour Support Plan BSP is a document containing strategies to assist people who have behaviors’ of concern.

Angry Faced Woman
Angry Faced Woman

A BSP works well when it is regularly updated and monitored by appropriate agencies, doctors, and specialist.

Headings you will often see in a BSP are

  • Assessment
  • Positive Interventions
  • Restrictive Interventions
  • Review; Evaluation of Interventions


My introduction to a BSP was during one of those horror stories I had with a colleague about a woman who has behaviors’ of concern and one of the strategies within her plan was to….

………..get the other residents out of the room, lay two pillows on the on the floor, then restrained her whilst supporting the head on the pillow until she calms down……………………

In July 2011 the Office of the Senior Practitioner – OSP Victoria will be launching a new online eBSP database that will allow authorized individuals to update and monitor people’s BSP’s

I recently had the opportunity to give feedback  during the development and design phase of the eBSP database, I think it’s great and sure it will be a valuable tool for authorized professionals working in the sector.

The OSP also established a user group made up of approximately 15 disability service providers to trial eBSB database.

BSP’s play important role in protecting the rights of individuals who have behaviors’ of concern whilst also exposing those medical practitioners who continually prescribed medication as a quick fix, and in some cases without even meeting the individual for whom the medication is for.

I will be publishing more commentary on this great initiative, so watch this space.


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