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Guy’s In Wheelchairs No Longer Have To Dress Like Slobs?

“See the person, not the disability”

Yep that’s right, but for me, I love it more so when I meet someone for the first time and they say things like

“Great Shoes” and they bypass the normal “Gee great wheelchair how fast does go” type comment…..

Anyway, I’m no fashion guru, but I do know the

Trackie Dacks Rule

Tracksuit pants can be worn when – staying at home, at the gym, walking the dog or going to local shop

Why is it a given that guys in wheelchairs mainly where tracksuit pants?

I know exactly why.

  • Easy to put on for me & the carer
  • Of course they are comfortable
  • Easy to Change when “shit happens”
  • Normally no modification needed, they are designed look sloppy

So over the years I’ve had my Nanna, & wife Robyn has perform hours of magic with the sewing machine adjusting my pants.

Modifications such as, a Velcro fly & removing those useless pockets.

Just recently my suit came back from dry cleaners, thinking they were helping they had sewn up a very important access point, not happy.

So what do you get when you cross a carer, a person in a wheelchair and a tailor?

You get pants that fit, look good & have little sneaky access points for those of us who sit down all day.

Introducing Ben Cutler who in April 2011 launched Benedict Cutler Clothing Solutions.

Well done Ben, I look forward to seeing fashion models under the age of 75 rolling down the catwalk.

Before I go & whilst I’m being Mr fashion critic, Robyn recently got me a scarf that had a pocket at each end, very handy.

Illustration of a guy in a wheelchair dressed up looking good


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  1. Wow, I must say I have had a surprising number of customer orders from the fine state of Victoria. Dare I say the more fashionable state? Cheers John for your wonderful words of support.

  2. Victoria San Gil Victoria San Gil

    great article. Benedict Culter site looks good – a person in a wheelchair can look styish and elegant in a suit if the situation needs it as well as relaxed and comfy in “tailored” trackies. Its about choice.

  3. I am glad to be one of several visitants on this
    great website (:, regards for posting.

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