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If there was a country called disabled,
I would be from there.

I’d live disabled
culture, eat disabled food, make disabled
love, cry disabled tears, climb disabled
mountains and tell disabled stories.

If there was a country called disabled
I would say she has immigrants that come
to her from as far back as time remembers

If there was a country called disabled, then
I am one of its citizens.

I came there at
age eight.

I tried to leave, was encouraged
by doctors to leave.
I tried to surgically remove my-
self from disabled country but
found myself, in the end, staying
and living there.

If there was a country called disabled,
I would always have to remind myself that
I came from there.

I often want to forget. 
I would have to remember…to remember

In my life’s’ journey I am
making myself at home
in my country.

Source Mr Neil Marcus

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  1. Beatriz Beatriz

    Hi John,
    Just wanted to say that the poem is beautifully emotive.
    I really enjoyed reading it.

    • John John

      Thanks Beatriz, I thought it says alot & make one think


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