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The handcrafted wooden sign said DELBASID

After querying the sign I quickly realised I’d realised this guy has turned “disabled” around, in more ways than one.

Met Dale and his partner Toni at a night market in Townsville this week and it was nice change that his craft caught my eye before his disability.

I guess it’s a “disability thing” for me that other people’s disability always catches my eye.

Dale produces products from recycled timbers ranging from cardholders to cheese knives, not steak

When he’s not getting covered in sawdust he gets covered in disability dust.

Dale also has his own disability consulting practice in the areas of policy procedure development & Quality Auditing, these are just a few topics I pulled from his website, check it out to get the rest.

I was also impressed that he has one of those great long diagnosis called “Non-Thalydamide Phocomaelia” Latin for missing a few bits and pieces he told me.

That’s not what Google says?

We are having lunch soon so I will clarify that over a bottle of red.

Getting stuck into those dishes
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