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Get on the One Tram, with the One Epilepsy Plan

What does

An Epilepsy Management Plan (EMP) have in common with The National Disability Insurance Scheme NDIS?


For it to work, we all need to be on the same tram.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria, has just released the “One Person, One Plan” Initiative

This is overdue initiatives will hopefully reduce past poor practices such as.

  • Multiple versions of an EMP
  • They were too long, poorly written & complicated
  • Not updated or reviewed
  • Lack of essential information, such as possible triggers for seizure and what to expect?

For some it can be a life or death situation, so invest some time in “You Tubing & Surfing” to better understand what’s going on. Is

The One Person One Plan should allow disability support workers to provide consistent, appropriate support to the person with epilepsy no matter which service they are attending with the ultimate aim of reducing risk and improving safety.

I have heard on too many occasions from support workers that were not aware the person that they were supporting had such a plan seizure management plan.

Managers and Coordinators need to take some ownership of this.

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  1. Mark Bergin Mark Bergin

    Great to see efforts to focus on the individual – hope these plans assist those in need to particular care

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