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Mother and Father Squeeze Life into Their Child

Wasn’t planning for my first post to be a sad one, but after reading this article below, I just can’t get it out of my head, as we know, “sharing feelings” help’s sometimes.

Talking about the greatest love on earth…

In a shabby house in a small village in Taizhou, Zhejiang province, 30-year-old Fu Xuepeng has been lying in bed since a car ran over his motorcycle 5 years ago.

His entire body, neck and down, is paralyzed.

After his family can no longer afford to keep him in the hospital, he was taken home.

Unable to afford a ventilator, his parents picked up a BVM and started to bag air into his lungs 24/7 non-stop for the next 5 years.

The bag needs to be squeezed 18 times per minute.

That’s 25,920 times per day and more than 800,000 times per month.

Fu’s father Fu Minzu and mother Yu Lanqin keep their bagging speed at 18 times per minute for 5 years, because their son would die if they stop for at most 3 minutes.

Their hands grow malformed due to too much squeezing.

Their life is actually easier in recent years.

Fu’s younger brother saw a TV program on how to DIY simple ventilators a few years ago.

With a small generator, a governor and a push arm, the family managed to assemble a home-made ventilator.

While the machine freed Fu’s parents from non-stop squeezing, it also came with expensive electricity bills.

To save the 140-150 yuan bill every month, Fu’s parents only turn on the machine during sleeping time, and still bag air manually during the day.

Fu's mother is bagging air into her sons throat continually
Fu’s mother is bagging air into her sons throat continually


A reality check, as we now switch our brains back here and think about the National Disability Insurance Scheme !

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