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Neglect or Abuse, It’s Your Call

The National Disability Abuse and Neglect Hotline

1800 880 052

Some Black & White Definitions, Not to Be Forgotten


Physical abuse:

Any non-accidental physical injury or injuries to a child or adult.

This includes inflicting pain of any sort or causing bruises, fractures, burns, electric shock, or any unpleasant sensation.

Sexual abuse:

Any sexual contact between an adult and child 16 years of age and younger; or any sexual activity with an adult who is unable to understand, has not given consent, is threatened, coerced or forced to engage in sexual behaviour.

Psychological or emotional abuse:

Verbal assaults, threats of maltreatment, harassment, humiliation or intimidation, or failure to interact with a person or to acknowledge that person’s existence. This may also include denying cultural or religious needs and preferences.

Constraints and restrictive practices:

Restraining or isolating an adult for reasons other than medical necessity or the absence of a less restrictive alternative to prevent self-harm. This may include the use of chemical or physical means or the denial of basic human rights or choices such as religious freedom, freedom of association, access to property or resources or freedom of movement.

Financial abuse:

The improper use of another person’s assets or the use or withholding of another person’s resources.

Legal or civil abuse:

Denial of access to justice or legal systems that are available to other citizens.

Systemic abuse:

Failure to recognise, provide or attempt to provide adequate or appropriate services, including services that are appropriate to that person’s age, gender, culture, needs or preferences.


Physical neglect:

Failure to provide adequate food, shelter, clothing, protection, supervision and medical and dental care, or to place persons at undue risk through unsafe environments or practices.

Passive neglect:

A caregiver’s failure to provide or wilful withholding of the necessities of life including food, clothing, shelter or medical care.

Wilful deprivation:

Wilfully denying a person who, because of age, health or disability, requires medication or medical care, shelter, food, therapeutic devices or other physical assistance – thereby exposing that person to risk of physical, mental or emotional harm.

Emotional neglect:

The failure to provide the nurturance or stimulation needed for the social, intellectual and emotional growth or well being of an adult or child.

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  1. Jeffrey Taylor Jeffrey Taylor

    John – the definitions on neglect and abuse are really useful and very clear! Strength to your efforts and keep up the good work.

    Jeff Taylor Melbourne Conversations

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