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What will happen to them when I’ve Gone?

It is definitely the most common question I hear as an advocate working with parents who have adult children who may have

  • an intellectual disability
  • a mental illness
  • an acquired brain injury
  • an inability to indicate decisions

The Office of the Public Advocate (OPA) have recently published “Securing their Future”

Securing their Future provides information on how to:

• apply for an administrator to make financial decisions for the person if they are at least 18 years of age or over

• appoint someone as your power of attorney so that decisions can be made for you if you cannot do this yourself

• make a Will or superannuation so your assets are passed on in the way youhave chosen

• plan your personal estate and superannuation so that your assets are passed on in the most financially efficient way

OPA have some excellent publications that really need to be distributed and talked about.

OPA is one of those resources that I believe is often forgotten, add a note in your calendar to check every six weeks


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