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Hang out with them…Don’t Pretend

As a kid who travelled every day on I schoolbus I sat next to this kid who was blind & dribbled a lot.

Everybody said hello Peter hello Peter…. but at the age of 10 it was obvious to me this was an “interaction” between two people.

Real meaningful interaction was when I lent my crutches against him as we travel on the bus and he would play with the spring button that made them adjust.

Peter and I became friends and I really got to understand his moods.

This memory came back to me as I was recently listing to Sheridan Forster who is the author behind

Hanging out Program HOP.
It is simple and easy to understand handbook designed for Disability Support Workers who are supporting people who have a
Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities

The key message in this book is to dedicate 10 minutes a day and give 100%  of your concentration to the people you are supporting.

I take my hat off to people like Sheridan whose approach is working and there is lots of supporting data out there.

For more information take a look at, the Centre for Developmental Disability Health Victoria website

hop Facebook

I really love how people using this program are using Facebook to share their thoughts as above (written permission received from Merry Prain to publish Facebook quote)

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