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Don’t Presume, Ask Questions – My Tips

The prompt for me to share my tips about “Shopping for a Disability Service Provider” came after listening to  people who regularly share there experiences at  VALID Peer Support to Buy Support monthly meetings across Victoria.

As consumers we are always hearing “Buyer Beware”

This saying is extremely relevant now as new an existing Disability Service providers comply with the National Disability Insurance Scheme requirements.

So consider these points when choosing a Disability Service Provider

  • What experience/history do they have in supporting people with disabilities and their families?
  •  Is disability a new part of their business? / Is their experience with Aged Care, now moving into disability?
  •  Are they newly established business focusing on NDIS revenue?
  •  Take a quick look at their Vision and Mission statement if they have one?
  •  What type of complaints process do  they have in place
  •  Are they currently assisting people who have similar requirements that you may have?
  •  Are they a Registered Service Provider with the National Disability Insurance Scheme
  •  Is there an option to talk directly with other clients that use their service?
  •  What is their philosophy in relation to Disability Advocacy Organisations?
  •  What procedures are involved to except the service if not satisfied after a short period of time?


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