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Not Your Average Government Office

A waiting room that’s empty makes one think, something’s not right?

This was my first reaction when entering the National office of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in Geelong yesterday.

A couple of seconds passed before I was welcomed by extremely friendly receptionist who explained to me that promptly attending to people who enter the building was a priority.

If people want to continue their inquiry privately a number of “Conversation Rooms” are available. (Nice name change for a “meeting room” don’t you think?)

My visit was to participate in a couple meetings and & I also meet some people from “back of house” who came across as extremely very switched on people.

One of my meetings was with a small team who had come from Canberra & they are responsible for internal and external communications.

Great people who are keen to get it right and willing to listen to innovative suggestions that will help them do their job.

There has been a lot of hype and excitement about the NDIS which has really worried me, however I came away yesterday feeling a lot more comfortable as the people I met with were realistic and conscious not to “Promise the World to Everybody”

 First pic myself with Liz Cairns State Manager at NDIS- Geelong

Second pic the Comments, Compliments, Concerns Box, great feedback opportunity.

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