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An idea to keep Sexual-Abuse-Disability SAD on everybody’s radar

Kumar was charged with

• 8 counts of rape in relation to two women,

• 2 counts of sexual penetration

• 1 count of an indecent act by a worker at a facility with a person with cognitive impairment in relation to another woman

• 1 count of indecent assault of a man for repeatedly pulling down his pants.

This was in the media last week

Incidents like this can take a while to leave ones mind

For me it had greater impact because I met one of the victims on a train who explained she really needed to talk to someone about what happened,,,,, and that was me.

Sexual assault towards people with disability ideally should never leave our minds

I’m looking for feedback from you all about an idea I have that I hope will endeavour to keep

“Sexual – Abuse – Disability” on our radar at all times.

This idea needs a lot more conversation from others, however let’s not “over engineer it”

I have registered (Sexual – Abuse – Disability) NOT SET UP YET that would offer a free source of awareness materials such as posters badges they would “Freely” be available to all.

We know that there are other pieces of work focusing on this issue, and I am the last person who wants to reinvent the wheel.

What might also complement this SAD initiative would be the creation of a National SAD day to assist us all to remember this disgusting situation that is continuing to occur.

Your thoughts on this idea are needed please


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