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It’s All About Me, But I’ll Take A Friend

First of all, I’d like to thank my subscribers who have been asking me to start up my blog again. Your encouragement was the good kick in the ass that I needed! I also want to thank Simon Kneebone for helping to support my commentary with his amazing illustrations.

Now let me get into it.

This post is about my thoughts on people with disabilities and their families meeting with those from the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

There is a mixed bag of stories out there, good and bad, which is to be expected.

What surprises me is that I’m not hearing many examples where a 3rd party attends these meetings to support the participant or the family.

One of the philosophies behind the NDIA is to encourage greater involvement from people’s natural supports, such as family, the community and other close networks.

Now if this all makes sense, why aren’t 3rd parties (whether it be family, advocates or close friends) with you at meetings with the NDIA?

It’s not about being capable or not… it’s all about an extra set of ears & eyes from someone who can contribute if needed.

The experiences I hear where people have taken a 3rd party to be involved during a conversation with the people at the NDIA has, in many cases, been extremely positive.

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