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Google Home, a New Disability Support

It’s the small things in life that can make a big difference.

Google Home is a non-screen, voice responsive piece of technology which is helping me a lot.

It sits on my bedside table and I talk to it.

“Ok Google, what’s the weather tomorrow?”

“Ok Google, what’s happening in the news today?”

“Ok Google, remind me to take my medication in 2 hours”

“Ok Google, turn the light on (requires a special light globe)”

It does many other things, but for me I like keeping it simple as my video will show you.

In the interest of simplicity and being user friendly, the Google Home has given me another level of independence without being in front of a computer or a mobile phone.

Google Home, my best mate when I’m out of my wheelchair

Uploaded by Guess What I’ve Discovered on 2017-10-16.

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One Comment

  1. Judy Judy

    Hey John,

    What a credit to society you are! I just watched your Google Home clip….most impressive. Would love to show it to my Still in the Pink choir at Mordialloc U3A. Perhaps I will find someone who can do it. If you can use this technology at home I can surely do something with it too.

    Loved the interview with Time Ferguson too. You were definitely on a par with him.

    Thanks mum for coming to the choir. It was standing room only and they all dressed up as not so recalcitrant ‘school children’. A lot of fun was held by all.

    Go John.

    Judy S

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